Guideo routes

Tourist routes based on Global Positioning System (GPS) and Augmented Reality (AR). The routes are downloadable via our Guideo mobile application. Available for IOS and Android.

The application has three main sections:

  • Maps. Here the user can interact with a map of the active city in order to visualize their position, the itinerary or route they are following and how close they are to the places of interest nearby.
  • Augmented reality interfaceThis resource will enable the user to visualise different multimedia contents superimposed on the real world by focusing the mobile’s camera on a certain point of the street where there is an Augmented Reality sign, thus allowing the reproduction of the given content.
  • Points of interest Besides previous sections, the user will be able to watch standard multimedia information about the current point of interest, including audio, video, pictures, texts, etc.

Thanks to this application, the users will be able to download the Routes directly into their devices and enjoy a different route, with recreations of its contents superimposed on the real world. A convenient way, to follow the route “at your own pace” and visit the city without having to depend on anyone else. You could take stop off to eat something, go shopping… and continue your route later on.

Routes will be available in several languages.

Organisation of events

The company will organise cultural and gastronomical events coinciding with different occasions and during the summer months.

We also plan to carry out museological and museographic projects including exhibitions in , museums and interpretation centres.

This is a service included in our medium to long term goals.



Management and/or use of public spaces

One of our goals is revitalizing and valuing our patrimony. In this regard, we will develop projects aimed to the use and the management of varied spaces of the city. By means of visits, cultural events and their management.

Development of trails and RA content for companies and institutions

Developing routes and content for individuals who want to promote or supplement the visits to their establishments, facilities or development sites.

Tourist Guide Gastronomic

Sway account on your computer with gastronomic guides. Gastronomic offer advisory services to Cadiz province, making route, schedule and booking service and site management.